sexta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2016

monthly report

Good evening VeraMattosBA.femininaplural,

There were some errors in the monthly report you submitted last week.
See the highlights in the attachment and please fix as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Geoffrey Anderson
Account Manager (8c767757a9e1eaff4740c8fdf199831c3091fa90909e6e3e2ff13b1b0b4827522a3b68b7890ee06d20e9)

quarta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2016



Please sign the attached contract with our technical service company for 2016 � 2017.
We would appreciate your quick response.

King regards,
Christina Grant

(Digital-Signature: cebecd254f3f606d0d3e5e0bd73739ca36cfd0deb67c642c756f51a971665d80b0f9be852f6c56dbe6df)

terça-feira, 2 de agosto de 2016



I attached the project status report in order to update you about the last meeting


Best regards,
Brigitte Galloway

quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2016

Scanned image from

Reply to: <>
Device Name:
Device Model: MX-2310U

File Format: Microsoft Office Word
Resolution: 200dpi x 200dpi

Attached file is scanned image in Microsoft Office Word format.
Use Microsoft Office Word to view the document.

segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2016


Dear VeraMattosBA.femininaplural,

Attached please find the documents you requested..

King regards
Lindsay Noble
Mexico Key Account Director
Mon, 27 Jun 2016 23:53:17 -0300